Professional Fees

We offer a range of fee packages for our prospective clients. 

Based on the type of service you prefer, the cost of representation will vary from application to application.

The free initial consultation enables you to learn about your immigration options as well as understand the services that we can provide to you. During this initial consultation, we will assess your individual case and provide you with a general overview of your immigration alternatives and answer your basic questions about immigration to Canada. However, we may not be able to answer specific questions about your case during the initial consultation as it will require an in-depth study of your individual application. If you wish to clear your advanced queries or you wish to be fully represented in your immigration process to Canada, please book an email/phone/zoom/in-person consultation.

To proceed with a free initial online assessment, please click on the "FREE ASSESSMENT" and complete your information.

If you decide to retain us for our services, a detailed Retainer Agreement will be signed between the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and the respective client. This Retainer Agreement will include the fees for the services provided.

The preferred method of consultation could be through email/phone/zoom/in-person and you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions with a consultation fee. Moreover, if you decide to retain/hire us as your representative for any Yoke Services, your consultation fee will be fully credited towards the retainer fee.

To know further and to get the actual cost of our services, please feel free to contact us.